Grievance Tracking Spreadsheet

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Grievance tracking spreadsheets make it easier to track the progress of your employees’ grievances. They’re commonly used by companies as a system to document and organize various grievances, starting with the most minor ones and moving on to the more serious ones. Many companies use this kind of spreadsheet to keep track of employee grievances as well as their progress, allowing them to notify their employees in real-time if something has been resolved or if the grievance has been escalated. These records must be kept up-to-date.

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There are many different kinds of spreadsheets and which type you use will largely depend on your company’s needs. However, the main things to consider are: what information you want to include, how many pages it will take, how accurate it will be, and the number of employees you need to keep up with. GRIEVANCE TRACKING Spreadsheets are two-way systems – employees can input their grievances and you can gather all the information and record it for your records. This saves you both time and trouble since your current staff can get on with doing their jobs and you don’t have to spend all your time keeping an eye on the progress of your employees’ grievances.

The basis of any grievance tracking spreadsheet is the first column, which lists the grievance’s category, followed by the subcategories in which it fits. You can set up columns for the dates, nature of the grievance, the amount of compensation received and so on. It is important to note that any names that are printed as “Employee” must be written as “Employer”. If you have any doubt about the case, you can always look up the requirements yourself in the appropriate areas of the book, but this is not a good idea because you never know what information you might find that would contradict your interpretation of the agreement you’ve made with your employees.

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After your grievance tracking spreadsheet has been set up, you can begin listing the grievances that are filed by employees in the final row. You should list only those that are currently outstanding and not the ones that are about to be resolved. And lastly, you can enter the amounts of compensation, fees that the employer is charging, and the name of the employee who filed the grievance.

Another important thing to remember when using grievance tracking spreadsheets is to always keep all the entries entered by employees in chronological order, not just the ones that were filed on the current date. If you create this kind of spreadsheets with your employees in mind, you will be able to keep track of the progress of the grievances in real-time.

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Once the spreadsheet has been completed, you should mark the row marked as “done” and the final row as “open”, noting whether the grievance has been resolved, escalated, or withdrawn. Then, once you have a confirmed number of grievances resolved and a verified number of pending grievances, you can mark the row marked “resolved” as “completed” and mark the final row as “completed” as well.

After that, you should close the spreadsheet by clicking on the “close” button, marking the “open” row as “todo” and marking the previous rows as “done”. You can then close the spreadsheets by clicking on the corresponding buttons or even by saving them.

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Your business is bound to run smoother if you adhere to the agreement made with your employees by going through the detailed record-keeping that is required for grievance tracking spreadsheets. By effectively using these spreadsheets, you can have a record of the progress made by your employees.