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It’s tough to believe that Xamarin Forms is only a few years old. Since its inception, it has already won over 100 million downloads. What you need to know about Xamarin Forms is that it is composed of a set of extensions that enable developers to build powerful XAML based applications.

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The first thing you should do is download Xamarin Forms if you haven’t already done so. Once you have installed the program, you will be able to create your application without the use of a platform like Visual Studio.

Templates for Forms provide a flexible and useful feature for a development platform. While they might not be as good as the built-in capabilities, they are very good at filling in the gaps that exist between what the platform can do and what you want your application to do. You can get applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Symbian.

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Applications for these platforms range from simple games to complex e-commerce websites. Some developers are using templates for Xamarin Forms for building applications for their blogs and social networking accounts. You can also use templates for other platforms by simply following the directions given for the platform you’re using.

Forms templates work great for basic, relatively uncomplicated applications. You can use them for creating contacts, applications for social networking, and web applications. They are great for creating simple applications such as logging in and posting information to your Facebook account or turning on your thermostat. You can also use a template for more complex applications that require lots of complicated interactions.

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To use the Forms Templates program, you will need a development environment that supports Xamarin. Many Windows-based applications are supported by the Microsoft .NET Framework, so Visual Studio is a must. Many applications that use Xamarin. Forms provide both Visual Studio Express and Xamarin Studio templates for building applications.

A Visual Studio license for Xamarin requires approximately five hundred dollars, and a Xamarin Studio license comes with the software. You can easily build a basic application, but if you plan on developing a more complex application, you may want to pay an additional fee for the Templates.

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Since Xamarin is a newer product, there are many third-party products available that add to its capabilities. One popular product is Xamarin Forms 2. The new version of Xamarin Forms makes it easier to build larger applications that include components, making it much easier to use the Templates to quickly build your application.