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We have all heard of personal statements in school, but what do the PDSP or Personal Statements samples mean? Why would someone submit one? And, why should they be compared to the best applications in the country?

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The basic intent of the Personal Statement is to highlight the interests, emotional and intellectual aspects of the student while taking a look at their “physical aspects” as well. This can come in several different forms. A student can express what his/her goals are, what he/she hopes to gain from attending the medical school, and what he/she hopes to be while in school. Many will also write about who they are as a person, or who they hope to become while in school.

Many students then add personal opinions, whether they agree with it or not. This is a part of what is commonly referred to as the “flavor” of the Statement. It should be considered personal if the student feels the need to share his/her thoughts on the application. If the student’s opinion is favorable, then that should be enough.

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Another section that has been added to many examples of personal statements is the “explanation”. This usually does not apply to all, but some have been known to enter this portion of the statement. They use this as an opportunity to explain how they feel about a certain aspect of their application. This allows them to give a more complete explanation of their feelings towards the application.

The PDSP sample, which is also referred to as the “Ivy League” offers many examples of these letters that are often used for their respective applications. You can often find one or two that mention some “interesting stories” about their experiences while at school, or what they hope to gain from attending the school. Many others are very similar to these, though, so it might be wise to just use them as a guide.

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Other than the “flavor” of the Letter, there is not much more to it. It is typically to give a quick synopsis of what the student has to say about the school and its program. If you want to have more information on these, then you can always get them by contacting the faculty advisor. If your school has one, then that is a good place to start when looking for examples.

One can also get ideas for additional information such as recommendations, academic performance, achievements, and professional conduct by using these samples. Stanford and Harvard are two of the most prestigious universities in the world, and this information will help in getting into these schools. Several other schools offer these, including many private colleges and local schools.

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The PDSP is an example of what can be found on college and university letterhead. While many of them are different, they all have something in common. This can be found with the ability to write a well-crafted Personal Statement. These samples will make it easier for the student to have a strong application for the medical school that they want to attend.