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If you’re looking for personal statement examples of undergraduates who have gone to Stanford University School of Medicine, here’s a couple that might help. We are not in the business of writing these kinds of pieces, but if you look at these two very well written examples, you might be inspired to write your own.

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First, we have the medical school student who attempted to write an extracurricular service and then didn’t do so very well. That was a pretty common theme. You could take a couple of weeks, come up with the three top phrases in your field and try to write a very short personal statement about each one. I did a lot of research on this article and read this out of the same class that John wrote.

Secondly, I thought I would share some personal statement examples that were published in the Stanford Daily. These are the students who gave speeches at an English department all-female conference and I thought these were very fitting and also very cool. For some reason, I have found that Stanford students will write very personal statements. I guess it just shows you that these types of things can be done.

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In any case, let’s turn our attention to Stanford University School of Medicine. These examples are very cool and unique to Stanford. The first one is from an undergrad who suffered from mild depression. She finished her career by becoming a psychiatrist and she even received a dissertation for it.

Next is a University of Louisville medical school student who is very active in her community. She also has some things going on that will help you with your Stanford statement. She is a member of the African Women’s Empowerment Network, and she has spoken about racism, her support of women in their civil rights struggle, and her drive for increasing the number of women doctors.

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Finally, we have a Stanford student who graduated from the University of Maryland medical school and won the Dr. Houston Prize in 1992. After an unsuccessful internship with Johns Hopkins, she became a paralegal and is now president of the American Association of Paralegals.

These two examples are very different from each other in the fact that they’re in college while some are in medical school as well. My point is that the personal statement examples at Stanford don’t use scientific words like “truth” fact”. Instead, they use more concrete words like “feel” you know”.

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