Personal Leadership Vision Statement Examples

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What exactly is a personal leadership vision statement? Is it just to let people know what you’re all about? Or do you have something to say that goes beyond just letting them know what you are about? What makes your leadership vision statements different from the rest?

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I always think of a personal vision statement is something that goes beyond the surface. I see a personal vision statement as my little source of meaning. A great example of this is when someone says, “I am a highly self-reliant person.” That is a great definition of a personal vision statement.

To give you some other examples of personal vision statements, I’ve seen these: “I work from home,” “I treat everyone the same,” “I love teaching,” “I love children,” and so on. I don’t think that you can say these are examples of personal leadership. What I see is more like self-actualization statements. These are just examples of how you feel and react when you’re living your unique way of living in an environment that suits you.

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How often have you heard, “My way or the highway” as a leader or even a mentor? This is just a simplistic way of saying, “I’m in charge of this.” Now, if we step back and look at what leadership means, it’s not about who can handle it better or who can do it the fastest.

So, we need to find a way to keep from becoming the boss or manager, but we also need to remember that our management style comes from our beliefs and perceptions. We may not have ever been able to put our belief and perception into words, but we can show up in a way that helps us lead and then let them go when we’re done. Those are the principles of leadership in action.

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Remember, whatever it is that motivates you, be it a set of beliefs or a way of relating to yourself and others, be sure to act on it. You don’t want to wait for others to do it for you. If you want to understand how this applies to you, ask yourself, “What’s important to me?”

If you are afraid to speak your mind, try reading some personal vision statements and giving them some thought. You will probably find that your ideas are coming out more clearly as you become more relaxed and less judgmental. So, open your eyes, be open to new ideas and make sure you do what’s right for you.

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