Personal Statement Thesis Examples

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A personal statement is the first of its kind in a course at any level of study. It is an essay that describes one’s qualifications and interests and contains only facts, ideas, and references that are pertinent to the course. It is a way to communicate the reasons why one will benefit from taking that course, the reasons for choosing the student’s class, and what it will mean to students to study with the student who has written the Personal Statement.

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As with all important documents, this can be used as documentation of the course, or they can be used for a variety of things. Here are some Personal Statement examples for various courses:

* English composition. Students who are taking English composition courses will often find the Personal Statement to be a central part of their writing process. The details of the student’s culture, background, and interests will be articulated through the writing process, creating an environment that encourages dialogue, not just the written “facts.”

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* Honors courses. The author of a special honors thesis would have the Student’s Statement considered as their thesis in many ways. This essay is used to demonstrate the student’s intelligence, creativity, depth of knowledge, and breadth of perspective, as well as to give the reader a sense of how involved the author will be in the course.

* Political Science. Any political science course will probably feature the Student’s Statement as a part of the Writing Process section of the syllabus, since in this case it is used to describe the student’s interests, experiences, and world view, as well as to provide some clarity in understanding the course.

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* Physics. Students who take Physics courses will often need to put together a Personal Statement that explains why they are interested in the subject, how their backgrounds relate to the subject, and what they hope to gain from the course. This essay can also be used to show how the student interacts with others in the course.

A personal statement is most effective when it incorporates several elements that make it effective and professional. First, it should contain honest, self-explanatory information that is interesting and useful to readers.

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