Examples Of Company Culture Statements

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Examples of company culture statements can be given. They give an idea of the values that go into running a business. Here are a few examples of statements to give you an idea of what the company culture is like.

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One example of a company culture statement would be “Always do your job to the best of your ability.” This is a cultural norm for everyone to adhere to, and the statement above is common in almost all companies. This is one that you would expect when dealing with someone who makes a lot of money or is someone very powerful. There is an expectation that they would be careful and protect their interests. Some of the more vulnerable people might want to protect themselves by saying, “I don’t do that anymore”.

Another example of a company culture statement would be “Expect the best.” The word “expect” is an important one. It implies a lot of different things, and it has been seen as a bad thing. When a person says “expect the best”, they are saying that they expect to do the best they can at their jobs. If a person’s job is to buy something, then it would be expected that they will purchase the product to the highest level they can afford.

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A third example of a company culture statement would be “Get great at what you do.” This is from the expectations of the people who are being described. They are not required to get great at what they do. It is more of a normal statement, and it is meant to have a positive connotation. The statement “I’m getting better at my job” would have a different connotation.

An example of a culture statement that might be seen in a company is “Do not start a war.” This is another example of a positive statement. It is one that encourages people to do the right thing. It is the opposite of an expression such as “I am starting a war”, which is a statement that tells people not to do anything they might regret later. If the company culture is to be positive, then the statement, “Don’t start a war”, would be preferred. They both tell people not to hurt anyone.

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Another example of a culture statement would be “Don’t make a mistake.” This would be a positive statement because it implies a good lesson that can be learned. However, it does not tell people not to make a mistake. It is a rule that everyone follows and anyone who breaks the rule is sent home. It does not say, “Don’t make a mistake and get fired”. It would be one to encourage people to do the right thing but doesn’t mandate anything about what is right.

The examples of company culture statements above show that many different statements can be made. It is important to be able to articulate a culture for a company. It may help to consult an outside adviser who can give you ideas about what is required to set up a good culture.

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