Contingency Planning Policy Statement Sample

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The Contingency Planning Policy Statement is a core requirement for all government agencies that require planning for unforeseen events that may occur. This statement explains the reasons and rationale for the policy and provides a blueprint for the actions that should be taken to prepare for the contingency.

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In addition to meeting the requirement, the document also provides an outline of the different types of contingencies that will be addressed. As many of these situations can take on a variety of forms, you should choose a Contingency Planning Policy Statement that will fit in with your local needs. Here are some tips to consider before you go to the printer.

When considering how to plan for potential contingencies, you should identify the operational area where the event will occur. Make sure the policy addresses the type of incident that you have in mind. Some examples are disasters, natural disasters, computer glitches, major power outages, and many others.

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Next, take a look at the policy for the organization that you are planning to work with. You can visit their website to find out what type of policies they have in place. This will give you a good idea of the type of policy you will need to create for your agency.

As you are writing the policy, you must consider the needs of the client. If you work with a small company, it is not unusual for them to need to know when there is a problem before you do. They might want a plan for smaller events or might want you to wait until they require the information in the future. You should put yourself in their shoes when you are writing the policy.

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Once you have developed your contingency planning policy, you should make sure that the document is consistent with your policy and that it includes all of the details that will be needed. This policy should also include any other steps that you may want to take to keep the staff of the organization safe and happy.

After you have created your new policy, you will have to test it to ensure that it works for your clients. Your job will then be to maintain and update the policy whenever it needs to be changed.

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