Sample Confidentiality Statement

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A Sample Confidentiality Statement is a legal document that is used to protect individuals, business entities, and others from unwarranted public disclosure. There are many aspects of confidentiality that a legal document should contain; it can be as simple as a statement of the contents of an asset, information about an individual, or even details about a business entity.

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Confidentiality statements are not simply a matter of filling out a form. They will require additional documentation, legal processes, and staff time to edit and review the documents. It is worth spending the extra time and money for professional assistance when drafting and reviewing the materials. Fortunately, many online services offer this service, so you can still have control over what you are releasing.

A short form that you can draft on your own can be useful if you are required to release documents to work on an employment application. It can also be useful if you are negotiating with a client regarding a service contract or any other legal document. When it comes to discussing your business with clients, the entire process can become quite confusing and difficult.

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When drafting your full confidentiality statement, include all of the information listed below. Be sure to include all the information needed for the documents to be considered confidential.

What is this asset? It could be a rental unit, a jewelry box, a diamond, a boat, or any other object that belongs to you. This disclosure must come directly from you, but any proof that you have such an asset should also be included. This could include anything from a promissory note to a testament. It could also be more abstract; this disclosure is only needed if you are going to sell this asset.

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What is this asset being sold for? This is important because it is your financial record. This disclosure must also be included and will be a factor in your credit score. Don’t keep this information from your employees; they will need to know if you are planning to retire soon or if your business is going to be going out of business soon.

Is there a special relationship with this asset? This disclosure must be used to prove your relationship with the asset, and it must be from a third party that isn’t a friend or family member. This type of disclosure needs to prove you do not need the asset and your business should therefore not be responsible for maintaining it.

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