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Many writers and entrepreneurs tend to use the “Brand Statement Examples” to help inform their marketing strategies. Many of these examples have worked for me and my marketing teams and will certainly make your job easier, but not everyone can produce these examples. In my experience, the majority of writers and speakers of all types of businesses do not realize the value of giving someone some of the examples and concepts you will find in a traditional Brand Statement.

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Instead of saying “I’m not going to talk about our pricing, it’s not relevant to our business, we’re not interested in that” or “We’ll be having an open house on Tuesday, that’s good for our business, but the right guest of honor doesn’t book in there all that often, so we’ll be pleased to have him.” I have found that, rather than “OK, that’s a great thing for our business,” I found myself saying “You see this great thing? This could apply to the reason we have so many people in our office.”

In many cases, you can simply use a five-minute demonstration of these examples and the issues they highlight to illustrate your point. The first bit of advice I can give you about building up the impact of your Brand Statement Examples is to choose them carefully.

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Choose them carefully to highlight some of the areas you need to work on. Some of the more difficult and time-consuming tasks to producing effective brand statements include evaluating a prospective customer’s psychological state and/or using a resource list to refer to later. The simple process of using “Brand Statement Examples” in a presentation will allow you to know what to expect from the person you are speaking to in the future. Imagine if a major dealer came to you one day with a list of “How to Do This and Do That” for your job, you would realize a new reality about your business as a whole.

You can include many of the examples at one time by simply using them in a single presentation, but at times it is best to create a presentation that gives the audience the impression that you have discussed all these ideas at length. I don’t want to offend anyone, but it’s better to use these examples to give people a better understanding of the concepts. The more examples you give, the more valuable they become, you can develop strategies that are specific to your situation and to the business itself. Don’t be afraid to be specific; this allows you to drive the conversation further into the details and also helps to keep the focus on your Brand Statement Examples.

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Sometimes your Brand Statement Example can make an important point about your business and then proceed to make that point more fully. I often have stock at one point and the example is so potent that I will go on for an hour. But the benefits of getting to the point quickly are worth it for the education I get and I then find it easier to share that information with others.

Beautiful and long-lasting brand statements will go a long way in keeping your business in the minds of the people you deal with. You should get the most out of your Brand Statement Examples. In my experience, we all have our styles, so be confident and be clear in your choice of words. When you have a long list of examples, think about what you would say to a group of people and then turn that list into a great presentation.

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