Written Statement Format

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If you are suffering from depression and having a hard time speaking, then you have probably asked yourself: “How do I write a well-written statement for my doctor?” Just like any other type of document, there are four different formatting styles that you can use for writing a written statement to your doctor.

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As we all know, the first three styles of formatting are used mostly for documents and letters and used to write to your doctor, instead of writing in a letter to someone you know. If you want to get specific and look at the last three styles, you can start with the simplest of them, the MLA (Manuscript, Document, and Acronym) format.

Now, we are going to take a look at the KENT WORD format, which is pretty standard for medical documents and written to a doctor. As you may guess, this format is also used for long handwritten letters and provides a larger surface area to add a signature to the document. The WORDS or Word Link Format is the easiest of the four styles and has only two subcategories: The Standard and Regional block.

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The WORD Format includes in its name because it is used mostly in a medical facility. It is an open style of writing and can be applied to almost any form of documentation. You can use this style if you are formatting medical records, billing statements, letters to a doctor, or anything that has to be typed.

THE SPACE ACCENTED can be used for any documentation and can be used with the MORTON BOX style. The INTERCATEAM format is also used in this format and is used for advertising letters and direct mail. This format is used to write to a doctor and sometimes provides a standard outline for you to write on a memo pad, but it is easier to use than the other styles when you have to start the conversation at the end of the statement. It is a fairly clear format and can be used for many types of documentation.

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The COMMON HAND is also referred to as the COLON (<>). It can be used to write to a doctor if you are asking a question or making a request. It is a very common format for healthcare documents and is used by many people in America. This format is used to write to a doctor when you want to make a request or ask a question, but you don’t know the answer yet.

When you are creating a statement for your doctor, always take the time to go over the rules and guidelines for the specific type of formatting you need. Always look at the graphic representations of each style and see if it will be acceptable to the person you are talking to. If it is not, then get over it and move on to something else.

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