Clinical Psychology Personal Statement Examples

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On the face of it, clinical psychology may seem like a relatively boring field of study, with little chance of exciting careers. Whilst this may seem right up your street, think again.

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Undergraduate psychology students will learn more about clinical psychology through specific courses such as Interpersonal Psychology. This course provides an insight into the process of dealing with an individual who suffers from a mental disorder. You will learn how to identify the problems of the person and how to go about helping them. This course of study will prepare you for the more difficult coursework of a master’s degree.

At a higher level, graduates of the undergraduate and master’s degree programs in clinical psychology may apply for a Ph.D. in the field. This kind of Ph.D. is often undertaken by doctors who have finished their undergraduate studies and wish to obtain a doctorate in clinical psychology. This degree is often referred to as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and will give a great insight into how clinical psychology is achieved and can be tailored to suit your own needs.

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Many people who have taken their PhD in clinical psychology and worked in the field of mental health for several years may decide to go on to take on a clinical director position at a hospital or mental health clinic. This may prove to be an exciting move because you may be able to work near the patients, creating a good working relationship. You may also be involved in training programs for employees who have to deal with those with psychological health problems. This can be very rewarding if you are working with mental health issues that you may be able to identify.

Many clinical psychologists may also choose to undertake a research internship. The most well-known type of research project would be on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the armed forces. As a clinical psychologist working in the same hospital where the soldiers are treated, you may be involved in studying the effect of PTSD on a person’s life and how it affects their family and environment. You may also be involved in research studies of panic disorder, physical disorders, and drug addictions.

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Many employers who are searching for a clinical psychologist may search for someone who can carry out independent research into a certain field. You may be able to research the effects of various drugs and how they affect the general population and the type of people who take them.

Many employers who are looking for a clinical psychologist may prefer to have someone who can carry out a basic or research analysis. This type of work may include interviewing people about how they react to certain issues and also looking at how memory is affected by certain chemicals. This type of work is ideal for a person who is not very good at verbal communication.

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