Marriage Mission Statement Example

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A Marriage Mission Statement can become a mandatory part of any marriage statement. The better part of the statement should be dedicated to the marriage mission. Marriage is a process that involves commitment and trust and even more, it is a deep and enduring commitment.

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Marriage is one of the most intimate and challenging relationships in life. The trust and commitment that build a marriage in any relationship can be broken. It is often the lack of trust that causes marriage problems. The following paragraphs are not intended to be a complete outline of what should be said in your marriage mission statement.

A Marriage Mission Statement must be a complete picture of your life. The marriage mission statement should show you in a concise and personal way the path to saving your marriage. If you are divorced or still in the middle of a divorce, do not make it too long. Once again, it should be short, just a few sentences. You may even want to add personal details if you want to make your statement stand out in the sea of hundreds of similar marriage mission statements on the Internet.

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Give all the information you have gathered, both negative and positive about your marriage, in your entire article. You must be able to make your readers feel that you have put enough of yourself out there. If you have never really been married before, and you feel that it is all too hard for you, mention it. Tell your readers why they should commit to a marriage of their own. Let them know that you have taken the time to find out more about the couple and their needs.

Your marriage mission statement should also include your assessment of the marriage. Perhaps it is time to put the marriage back on the agenda for both of you. Even if your marriage has a lot of obstacles in it, you can still make it work. Use this opportunity to discuss the marriage mission and give your readers a little push for improvement.

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Your marriage mission statement should also state in a very clear way that you are not going to seek outside help to repair your marriage. Your mission statement should stay to the point and emphasize your focus on saving your marriage. Even if your marriage is beyond repair, there are steps you can take to keep it from getting worse. Many couples have failed to reach a great level of relationship before and many of them are very open to helping one another to rebuild their marriages.

Your marriage mission statement should be short, even to the point, and give your readers a little push to help them find a new marriage. Help your readers to take back control of their lives and your marriage and make your marriage mission statement part of your daily life.

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