Church Youth Group Mission Statement Examples

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Many church youth groups consider a mission statement as the heart of their mission statement, the reason for having a group in the first place. This mission statement is generally done by a group’s leaders; however, many times the group members submit the mission statement.

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This mission statement can be a condensed version of what you would like to do in your church or youth group, but the content has been hand-delivered to the youth group members by a volunteer youth leader. Usually, this volunteer leads the group and the mission statement that has been hand-delivered contains the quality mission statement that you want to have.

You may have your own version of the mission statement but have it submitted to the group for review. Sometimes a team leader, a leader in another church in the same group will submit the mission statement for approval.

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The youth group mission statement should contain the values and reasons for the group. What do you hope to achieve? Are you trying to change society? What do you want to accomplish?

Is your youth group leader being consistent in what he or she says? What are their overall mission and strategy for the group?

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When you have a mission statement for your group you need to be clear what it is about and who you are as a group. If the mission statement is unclear then you have lost out on a valuable opportunity for growth and community building.

If you have not had a mission statement for the group yet, it may be a good idea to have one created for you. Or, if you already have one, you will want to take some time to create a quality mission statement for your group.

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Mission Statement Examples

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