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A financial statement sample is used in various legal proceedings and settlements in the UK. The decisions of the courts are based on these statements.

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These financial statements contain the accounts, tax returns, financial statements and information that are relevant to the settlement or order. The court finds out if there has been any money laundering, any dishonesty or a tax evasion.

A financial statement must be accompanied by a copy of the agreement and a list of all the parties to the agreement. The financial statement must state how much was paid and how much was received. The amount spent or lost must also be mentioned. If the agreement is for a criminal case, then it must also include information about the judge and lawyers who have been involved in the case.

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The financial statement should be accompanied by a report of accounts. The details should be separated and given in black and white for easy reading. The payments to various parties should be listed on the financial statement. There should be detailed information of every single payment made.

There should be a separate line for each payment and there should be a time frame in which the payment was made. The payments will be checked against other financial statements. If the payments do not match, then there has been a scam.

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To check the financial statement, one needs to carry out checks on the bank account where the money was deposited. The funds should be checked to ensure that they were not given to anyone for anything else but purely to make a financial statement. If any of the documents are missing, then they should be checked to see if there are any discrepancies.

The use of a financial statement sample is necessary and even if they are not used, the court will still use them. A financial statement sample can give a good idea of how much was paid and how it was spent.

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