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The fact that an individual is gifted with a brain has more to do with luck than anything else. To this day, a person’s brain is the only resource that is capable of keeping him from getting paralyzed by a mechanical or electronic device. To show off your intelligence, here are some fun facts about the brain.

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According to a recent study, the sex ratio at birth is directly linked to the number of babies produced per female. While in some cases, there is a trend where the number of boys born outnumbers the number of girls, the other side of the coin always shows opposite tendencies. When the sex ratio is more skewed towards girls, the importance of sex is greatly ignored. Thus, this is the reason why we see more boys getting a hold of our society’s top positions in STEM fields, engineering, etc. Since so many of these STEM fields are difficult, and since most people cannot cope up with such challenges, they go for brainiacs, which means “brainiacs” is the term coined for those people who, because of their IQ, can easily handle most of the academic challenges.

The human body is naturally endowed with the ability to solve complex problems, and it also can come up with innovative solutions to problems that it comes across. The problem with a lot of those solutions is that they are either too complex, or they require many human resources (in terms of money and time) to create. When you enter college or high school, you will find yourself to be surrounded by professors who are teaching you how to do simple stuff. The thing is, most of those instructors and lecturers do not know what it takes to be a problem solver, or how to go about solving problems.

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If they cannot solve a simple problem that they found in their research papers, and if they cannot find a solution in their brain, the chances are that they cannot do it. They are not equipped with the right knowledge, and if the solution comes from outside, it will be much more difficult, and thus, a lot less effective.

So, when you look at the study of genetics, one thing that you will realize is that genes are not what is involved in the creation of a human being, but the brain, the mental part of the body. If the brain is healthy, and if the person’s brain is functioning normally, then his or her mind will work well and also solve problems. Problems, that are harder to solve, will come easier to solve.

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And while the brain is the most efficient weapon that is available, when it is not working well, the person’s entire body will suffer. In the study of genetics, it has been proven that every person has a set of DNA that is passed down from generation to generation. Once that DNA is destroyed, it would mean that the person would be incapable of coping up with his environment, and the person would end up getting seriously ill, or at least not coping up well with his environment.

Those genes can also be broken, and this could happen to be a genetic disease like Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome. If a brain that is affected by such a disease cannot cope up with his environment, he will eventually end up losing his mind. A brain that are normal, and that cannot learn, or to understand, or to think of anything else than the inside of his skull, will eventually lose all his abilities to cope up with his environment. If such a brain is capable of coping up with his environment, and if his brain functions well, the person would never lose his mind, and he would just go on living.

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