Youth Baseball Mission Statement Examples

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Kids who have some interest in baseball can have a mission statement written for them. This mission statement should be very fun and exciting. Here are some examples of youth baseball mission statements:

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The player of the future for youth baseball is Will Lee. He will reach his maximum potential as soon as he gets in a baseball uniform. To achieve his goal, Will must practice hard so that he would be ready to take on his daily duties from tomorrow. Will hopes that he will go on to become a great player and inspire all the kids in the area to play baseball and get the best possible result.

A kid’s kid should always have a goal and always keep it in mind. If a kid’s kid wants to be a teacher one day, he should tell this in a mission statement. If the kid wants to teach writing, poetry or any other art, he should tell it in a mission statement. The kid can even use it as a guiding principle in life.

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A mission statement is a good idea for every kid who would like to achieve their goal. It gives a child a unique identity and keeps him motivated to achieve the goals.

A kid can have his mission statement in the form of “I want to hit my first home run in my baseball game”. In such a mission statement, the kid has his objective and an imaginary goal to reach.

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If a kid in such a mission statement wins the baseball game, the parents can congratulate the kid and tell the parents how proud they are of their son. They can also say that the kid’s attitude was very good in the game and he can reach his goal in the future.

Some children just tell a mission statement at the beginning of the baseball season and the rest of the kids, later on, learn it on their own. A mission statement should be written with the kid’s kid in mind. The mission statement will always remind the kid of the goals and needs of the kid.

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