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What is a Home Health Care Mission Statement? Well, a Mission Statement outlines the mission of a group, in this case, a home health care agency. A Home Health Care Mission Statement will often be created by a group, for example, a board of directors, or a committee that is creating the mission statement. To create a Home Health Care Mission Statement, the group needs to explain what their vision is for the organization.

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Vision can be translated into a mission statement in several ways. For example, the original mission may have been “To provide quality care to patients.” This is in line with the missions of many organizations today, but it does not specify what service the organization will provide. A similar example is a vision statement, where a member of the group goes into detail as to why they want to make sure the organization “continues to be an effective, trustworthy and fair-minded provider.”

When it comes to a vision statement, the member should explain how the vision fits into the group’s mission statement. For example, an organization might state in its vision that “We will provide safe, competent, and compassionate patient care for our patients”We will be committed to providing quality patient care through continuing education, mentoring, and quality improvement,” but without specifying what exactly those services will entail.

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You might also want to include the following details in the vision statement: “We will have a program to enhance patient safety, including a professional staff, 24-hour emergency medical services, and trained members of our staff who respond to emergencies. We will have a consistent, uniform safety culture, which includes safety protocols and employee orientation. We will focus on reducing the incidence of neglect and abuse by workers.”

So, some ideas about how you might set up a vision statement are: Describe your vision. State exactly what it is you want to accomplish in the organization, from providing a service to upholding a vision. Finally, provide more detail on what the services and culture of the organization will be like.

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Some examples of missions that do not include a vision statement include “Our vision is to build a long-term and sustainable relationship with our patient’s family.” While these examples do not specifically mention a vision statement, if your group is experiencing problems with turnover or that patients no longer find them to be a high-quality organization, this might be a good time to add one. On the other hand, this example might provide a good starting point for a vision statement.

By adding a vision statement to your Home Health Care Mission Statement, you will make it easier for your group to determine where it is heading and how it is going to meet its goals. You might also consider adding a Mission Statement to the mission statement of your organization. If you have a vision statement, you will be able to expand on it in your Mission Statement.

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