Victim Statement Sample

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A Victim Statement Sample is one of the many court-required forms that is submitted to a party to claim damages due to his or her involvement in a particular lawsuit. In legal parlance, a Victim Statement Sample is an instruction form that gives the person being sued for damages what are expected from him or her.

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The Victim Statement Sample can be classified into two categories. One is the short form and the other is the long-form. Although the short form may not require as much information as the longer form, it is still considered more detailed since it is usually only provided to people involved in legal matters.

The basic reason why Victim Statements is mandatory is that victims are given something to gain from the lawsuit. Victims are required to give a response to the claims made by their lawsuit defendants. It is the victim’s chance to demonstrate that he/she has been severely harmed as a result of the plaintiff’s actions. As such, the compensation awarded to the victim is based on the gravity of the injury caused by the defendant’s actions.

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As mentioned, Victims are required to give a detailed answer to the claims being made against them in the case. It is also very important for the victim to give his/her opinion as to what the level of damages should be. Since the intent of the law is to compensate the victim for his/her losses, the amount of the award is something that is actually influenced by the victim’s credibility and how seriously the victim believes the claim made against him/her.

Another basic matter is that the Victim Statement Sample must be able to justify the claim made against the defendant. If the defendant does not provide any proof of the charges against the victim, the statement could be used as evidence in a trial. By giving an actual incident that happened to the victim and by explaining why the plaintiff believes the statement, the Defendant’s credibility will be challenged, thereby making it harder for the plaintiff to win the case.

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Furthermore, some judges will consider the history of the defendant, his/her record of lawsuits, etc. in deciding whether the defendant is trustworthy enough to receive a Victim Statement Sample or not.

While the Victim Statement Sample is mandatory, this does not mean that everyone involved in a particular case should have to take it. Sometimes, a court will allow people involved in litigation who do not have to submit to a Victim Statement Sample but are forced to by court orders.

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