Usmc Mission Statement Examples

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Like any other organization, USMC Mission Statements should be a reflection of the values of the members. The importance of the mission statement is also reflected in how well the organization is being run. If the mission statement is not properly thought out then there is no telling what can happen, the very thing that the mission was meant to accomplish.

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To use some Mission Statement Examples, it is one thing to say that we are the best Marines. It is quite another to say it. It should state that we want to give our life for our fellow men and women. There should be no room for interpretation here.

Because a Marine can go through so many things, the USMC has put into place several standards for their organization, which should reflect the best of the United States. The USMC does not simply look for the best warriors, but the best soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and civilians. In this way, they can honor themselves and do what is best for our country.

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What defines an “Ultimate” unit of the USMC is in the eyes of the members. Not all are equal, they are instead assigned a special creed or purpose. These values and purpose should be worked with and incorporated into the USMC Mission Statement.

If a man is called upon to serve his country then that is what he will be called upon to do. As such, the Marine Corps Mission Statement should be read by all. So should the USMC Honor Code.

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At some point in time, the USMC was founded to fulfill a very specific purpose. The reason why the USMC was founded is to fulfill the first responsibility of all and that is to uphold the liberties of our country. If this is not done, then our entire nation is at risk.

It is this same purpose that the USMC is trying to fulfill today. When a mission statement comes out, remember that it should be carefully considered. Don’t let emotion and bias get in the way of thinking clearly. They will lead you down the wrong path.

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