Mr Bill Sample Pack

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Mr. Bill is a fascinating add-on for the popular Pac Man series. He is also a famous game character from the same series. He is part of the Mr. Bill Sample Pack for the GameBoy Advance. If you’re familiar with the title, you’ll know that it’s an extended version of a similar program, which came out on the Game Boy, many years ago.

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Mr. Bill doesn’t have any fighting capabilities, as the GameBoy Advance doesn’t have the parts necessary to make him capable of grappling with a foe. When you play the game, he looks very much like a Pac Man character, which is basically what he is. Mr. Bill is only seen while playing a single level of the game.

The GameBoy Advance version is, obviously, slightly more fun, but it still follows the basic concepts of the original. You still control Mr. Bill by controlling the type of dots that appear in the level you’re playing, and he can move in a similar way to how you move when you run in the game.

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This is one of the more interesting ideas in the GameBoy Advance version of the original Pac Man game. It really puts Mr. Bill in the “game” and he’s not just there to look cool but behave. For example, once you’ve played enough to buy a fortune in a high score table, you’ll start seeing Mr. Bill everywhere around you. The dots themselves act just like regular Pac Man ones, which is something we always like to see.

The second level with Mr Bill, once you’ve become quite good at the game, will be much like a movie, complete with soundtrack. The music can be adjusted to how hard you like to play, with the option of turning off sound effects and lights to let you concentrate on actually playing the game.

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If you’re a fan of the original game, you’ll love this game, as the games have been ported over to the GameBoy Advance. With a single button, you can control a Mr Bill that moves, battles enemies, collects coins and interacts with other game objects. There’s no way you can go wrong with playing the original game.

As a bonus, as this Mr. Bill has been ported over to the GameBoy Advance, you also get the original game in a hi-def version of course. This is a great add-on for the GameBoy Advance, and another great reason to buy Mr. Bill Sample Pack for the GameBoy Advance.

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