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Every organization these days is using the modern technology of the G Suite Software that is a free package for every employee in the organization. Most of the organizations are using the free G Suite to manage the applications of their employees and also to provide the users with various applications like Sales, Accounting, Time tracking, Document Creation, Discussion, etc.

Excel and Financial Data
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Many organizations are now considering the free G Suite as the main competitor with their corporate software. The question is: is this the case? There are a few things that should be considered while looking at the competition between the G Suite and the corporate software that are available in the market.

One of the main reasons that they are competing with is business intelligence or BI in the G Suite. The main feature of this feature is that the organization can get real-time data about the transactions of the company, the expenses, and sales.

There is an option called “Sheets in this spreadsheet” ing this we can select the sheet where the other cell to be linked to is located
In Google Sheets how can a cell be made to hyper link to another from g suite spreadsheet , source:quora.com

This allows the user to see how the business is doing and also make improvements to the processes that are happening. Many new things are coming up for the users of the G Suite which is available only for a few organizations right now.

Another major feature that is coming up for the users is project management. The project management feature allows the users to see how their projects are going on, what resources are required and how the tasks are being done on time.

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Besides these, many other features can be used for better management of social networking and communication features. One of the available and other things in the calendar feature, which helps the users to access the information from any part of the world.

The other important features of the G Suite include the import and export capabilities, which allow the users to export their financial documents and view them on the company network. Any business needs to have this product because they need to manage the business operations and also the financial document.

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The corporate software is not perfect but it is very good because it gives the users the ability to manage their work and even that of their clients and customers. Therefore, if you are considering the G Suite Spreadsheet, this is a good choice for you to take.