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One of the most crucial documents that need to be in place before you can commence selling your car, truck or van is an Automobile Bill of Sale Template. There are many benefits associated with a set of these Bill of Sales. There are also certain cons as well, which need to be looked at closely before any transaction can take place.

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This is a vital document and will have to be kept on hand, along with the title deeds, transfer certificates, and the registration document. While many may not be entirely sure about what each one entails, there are legal details that need to be thoroughly reviewed, particularly if you intend to conduct a sale through the internet. Read the document in full and identify whether it is complete with all the legal details and whether it is suitable for sale by the owner.

If you can, find out the full name and address of the auto owner as well as the make, model and year of the vehicle you wish to sell. Don’t forget to also get the telephone number and any other information that you deem to be relevant. The main point here is to protect yourself as a buyer as well as to ensure that no misleading circumstances may arise. Don’t take the risk of getting false information when you are dealing with an entity that does not have legal standing.

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With all these checks completed, it’s time to consider parts and accessories. You will need to be prepared to pay any costs that come up when there are breakdowns and repairs. Keep track of the costs and look for ways of reducing them. If possible, check out third-party repair centers, as this will save you on the cost of any repairs, even if you cannot make any savings due to bad circumstances.

You must get a list of items up for auction day, including such items as the car’s registration plates, gas, oil, oil filter, wiring, accessories, spare parts, spare keys, etc. You can then include these items in your bill of sale template and make sure that they are listed on the right pages.

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Make sure that the invoice is always signed by both parties, at the closing stage and include your fee, if any. If there is a date attached to the invoice, you will have to get that data entered into the Bill of Sale Template as well. Also keep in mind that when the bill of sale is filed, the document needs to be kept alongside the title deeds so that they are readily available should the auction be successful.

It will be sensible to get these Bill of Sale Templates from either the Seller Auctioneer or Auction Company, to ensure that you are using the correct documents. Ensure that you use them and get it filled before you proceed with your vehicle sale.

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