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A Bill of Sale template is a great way to start up your business. When you have a comprehensive document, it saves you time by eliminating a lot of the more tedious details and getting you straight to the point.

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For example, if you sell books at your store, it would be a good idea to create a document with each book’s description, the price, and a picture. A Bill of Sale template helps you with this. If you are using your design, you may be limited to where you can put your information.

One disadvantage to the Bill of Sale template is that it is used to set up your store, not just a small business in Oregon. For example, if you need a Bill of Sale for a restaurant or retail store, you will need to come up with the prices yourself. You might be able to figure that out. However, if you need to create one for a small business, you may have a harder time.

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There are many ways you can customize your document. You can include a description of the number of products you sell, the type of book that you are selling and your telephone number. You can also add extra information such as the hours you open and close your business.

If you don’t want to use a Bill of Sale template, you can make a document yourself. One way to do this is to use Microsoft Word and add the required items, such as price tags, the date, and location of the sale.

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You will also want to add your logo to your particular template. If you don’t have one, then you can print out one from your local Office Max. You can even design your own.

Remember, as long as the prices are in a consistent format, you should not need to edit the price tag or description. For example, you can easily change the prices on the actual bill of sale when they reach a certain amount. The amount may be written in larger letters than the words you normally use and you can use an iron to just lightly touch the price tag or description to the paper.

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One caution: Don’t change the price tag or description by more than $5 because if the price goes up later, the back charge may apply and you could be liable for monetary penalties. You can also edit them by hand after you get them printed. If you use a computer program, it won’t matter since the price cannot go any higher.