Project Team Mission Statement Examples

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Whether your project team is large or small, or whether you’re dealing with one of a few people, a well-written Project Team Mission Statement can go a long way toward establishing the kind of culture you want for your business. You should make sure you’ve got a strong mission statement in place before you begin building your project team. It’s likely that your “Comprehensive Team Building Plan” will address this as part of a core group of events.

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One great example of a strong mission statement is the statement of Purpose written by the North Carolina Foundation for Education and Mission, which you can find at:

Each year the foundation sponsors different companies, organizations, educational institutions, and many other groups. The purpose of these groups is to promote literacy and education among children and adults. They each serve several different purposes, but they all have the same primary goal: to engage children and adults in a community-wide effort to increase literacy and teaching.

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When you’re compiling your mission statement, keep in mind what you want to achieve from your project team. Are you looking for community participation? Do you want your team to be more committed than the average?

Keep in mind that you might have some programs that fit into one of the above-mentioned groups, but just as many would not. If you find you’re having difficulty getting all of the above-mentioned groups to work together, it’s worth noting that groups of programs are much more likely to respond to a cohesive mission statement than a vague one. By linking programs to the kind of community you want to promote, you can help ensure that your activities are not only effective but also fruitful.

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Another interesting example of a successful mission statement is one used by a regional education project with over seventy schools and branches. In the mission statement, the group states, “Our mission is to improve education for our students, support them, and encourage their growth.” The author, Mark C. Edwards, was careful to include information on the “behavior of our children” as well as “our relationships with our faculty and staff.”

As an author, you have to remember that not everyone will respond to a specific purpose. So it’s important to evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis. However, using examples of excellent projects as Project Team Mission Statement Examples can help put your project into perspective, and can provide you with some tools you can use to help make sure you reach the goals you set for your project.

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