Postgraduate Personal Statement Examples for University

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I am writing this article to provide you with a small number of personal statement examples for university studies. Because every year the admission requirements of Universities change, the application form will always change and so will the personal statement.

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If you are applying to universities like Harvard, Stanford or MIT then you need to make sure that your Statement is relevant to the kind of university you are applying to. If you are applying to a university that only takes up six months of your life then you should not even bother writing a personal statement. You should spend your time preparing for and attending a Masters degree program instead.

Most university applications require a Personal Statement. For instance, a Bachelor’s degree will usually ask for a Personal Statement. You can find a sample at the top of this article. To improve your chances of success, you should consider including any relevant professional experience, awards, achievements and perhaps a letter of reference, so that you have something to offer that will help a committee to assess you.

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There are several things that you should not include in your Statement. The first is that you need to skip all the fluff. It is all very well saying that you have done quite a bit of volunteering for a charity, but if you include that in your resume then your application will look as though you were giving the application forms and essays on a wide berth. If you want to include your volunteer work then think about keeping it to a minimum.

To give you an example sentence, I wrote this in my Statement for my University: “I have always been a strong supporter of sportsmen who have committed themselves to serve the community where they live.” By highlighting the activities I am interested in, I managed to leave myself open to the suggestion that I might be doing these things for the wrong reasons.

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Another important aspect of your Statement is that you should not say anything you do not believe. This is not how you will be evaluated by an admissions committee so do not put yourself in a position to fail.

Remember that most universities will ask for examples of example sentences, and so it pays to write as though you are describing yourself. You should try to write sentences that are a little different from what is expected but do not go over the top.

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