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Successful marketing companies do have a Mission Statement, or “Statement of What We Believe” and this is not only true in the case of well-known companies. Unfortunately, many smaller companies and individuals do not have a Mission Statement. Let’s look at some examples of Mission Statements for these two groups.

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The Mission Statement of the smallest company is the simplest one of all; it just states what they are all about. What they do are marketing and advertising, and this is the heart of the matter. They promote the products they sell. They are not involved in marketing management or business strategy. They simply promote.

The second example is a small marketing company that is very involved in business strategy. They will sometimes write their Mission Statement, and their job is to sell their products. Their Mission Statement simply says they are a “Do it Yourself” company and they promote everything they can find on the internet.

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This is a very simple statement for the most part, and you can see why it is so powerful. It tells potential customers who are new, curious, or uncertain about a product, or service, that they can trust you to bring them what they need and that you are well informed, capable, and knowledgeable.

A third example of a marketing plan includes a combination of both; it has both a Mission Statement and a Business Strategy. It is a combination of this type of marketing plan because it must communicate a message that is strong, direct, and authentic. The marketing company must make its Mission Statement extremely clear, strong, and it should come from a place of genuine admiration for the products and services they promote.

Developing the positioning statement[edit]
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Think about the situation; they want to build a website that is going to be a hit with customers and prospects they are marketing to. They must convey that the website is of good quality, and that is exactly what they do by including a professional-looking, professionally written mission statement along with their business strategy.

These are three examples of a good marketing plan, but don’t forget that the Mission Statement and business strategy are two different things. Your mission statement tells potential customers where you stand and what you stand for, but the business strategy tells what your business does, how it operates, and the scope of its offerings. The difference between these two documents, the Mission Statement and the Business Strategy, is just as important as the difference between the Mission Statement and the Marketing Plan.

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