Independent Contractor Expenses Spreadsheet

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An independent contractor expense sheet should be used as a guide when evaluating an individual’s expenses and work done for an employer. By providing the worker with an easy to use set of rules and basic categories of work they can keep track of their expenses and verify that their work is what is expected by the employer. An expense spreadsheet helps to keep track of the tasks a person does for their job and shows how many hours they worked, the amount of money they spent on the job, their overall income, as well as many other variables. An independent contractor expense spreadsheet will serve the work well in deciding how much to spend on certain items and whether or not to do some types of jobs.

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The first step when developing an expense sheet is to come up with a detailed breakdown of all the money spent on goods and services. The best way to do this is by having each worker track their expenses, including travel time, work-related expenses, home office costs, and entertainment expenses. To get started, use Microsoft Excel to create the expense section and come up with a separate expense per person. Most employers will provide their workers with Microsoft Excel so they can keep track of their expenses and check their total expenses throughout the year. They may also be able to make use of additional software and provide it to their employees to help them keep track of their expenses.

Next, add all of the expenses that a worker has listed, including their income, expenses, and days of the week that they worked. The second column for expenses must be labeled “Expenses for one month” so that the worker knows exactly how much they spent on something during the month and can calculate their income. Add up all of the monthly expenses to come up with an overall monthly expense that is the average.

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After the expenses for the month have been calculated, the expense sheet must be reviewed to make sure that all of the entries are accurate. Work that is done for a single employer will be entered into the spreadsheet separately. The workers should check each one to make sure it is accurate.

Once the expense section has been checked, the next step is to check to see if any areas need to be highlighted or any areas that need to be added. Most independent contractors are paid based on a percentage of their overall income and the areas in which they have been overpaid are easily found. Reviewing the expense section to ensure that there are no overpayments or underpayments is one of the most important parts of the expense sheet.

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After reviewing the expense sheet to ensure accuracy, it is time to compare the expenses to what was expected by the employer. By using an expense spreadsheet, the worker can quickly see where they fell short. Over or under compensating for equipment, or underpaying for overtime and compensatory time is usually a sign of a bad experience. By using an expense sheet the worker can quickly see whether or not the employer was truthful when agreeing with the worker.

Using an expense sheet is an important part of being an independent contractor and protecting yourself and your rights. Don’t allow yourself to fall behind or become stuck with overpaying.

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