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The first step in learning to work with samples in Excel is finding a good online data set supplier. Many offer these data sets for download and you should be careful to avoid the scammers that want to take your money and deliver worthless products.

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The internet is a good source of information, but it is only a start. You need to find a credible online data set supplier who can supply you with samples of all types of Microsoft Excel data sets. You can get samples in text format, grids, tabular formats, and rich text formats.

Sample text is an important element of learning how to use Excel properly. That’s because you will want to manipulate text-based data in a variety of ways. For example, a sample grid allows you to select and move columns, rows, or other elements within the cells. The text grid can also display formulas, bold and italicize lines, create images from formatting, or draw the formula of a range.

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The second step is to learn how to use sample grids. It is very easy to add a range, draw an image on the page, and enter formulas into the text grid. Since you can interact with the sample grid, you should also learn how to resize the rows and columns, change the image size, and change the color of the cell background.

Sample grids allow you to draw functions to evaluate certain values on your data. For example, if you want to survey customer satisfaction, you could use a function such as value satisfaction to draw a bar chart with customers’ satisfaction values on the horizontal axis and a slider on the vertical axis.

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Then there is sample text. The sample text includes formulas to analyze what you have on the page. For example, if you are analyzing a table that lists data in a table format, you could input formulae such as P = A2+B where A and B are the number of columns you want in the table and the total number of rows in the table.

The third step is to use a sample grid to experiment with how to create and manipulate your data. Another example is several rows and columns with a gridline dividing the sections. When you click on the gridline to move it, it turns into a text row.

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Sample grids and text, are three of the most basic elements in learning how to use Excel effectively. You should begin by using the free sample data sets that are available from data supplies online. Once you know how to use the sample grids and text, you will move on to using the sample Excel data sets that are offered by the larger companies.