Excel Text Function format

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If you are an Excel user, chances are you have used the Text function in some way or the other. The most common use of this function is for formatting numbers and dates.

In this case the conditional format is working as Column Brand has been input manually typing the numbers and the red cells are those ones showing
Conditional formatting not working properly as one of the paring from excel text function format , source:techcommunity.microsoft.com

It can be used for simple equation solver, number crunching, line and graph creation, or the written content enhancement. You can use it for simple text formatting and design. The problem is that a lot of people do not use this feature as much as they should because they do not realize how powerful this feature is.

The text function is not like any other window function. It cannot be accessed through the sidebar, the ribbon or the toolbar. It must be activated manually by clicking on the “Text” button from the navigation panel.

Converting time to text in Excel
Excel convert time to decimal number hours minutes or seconds from excel text function format , source:ablebits.com

You must know the format to open the Text function. It must be enclosed in curly braces. Once you know the format, you will find it easy to utilize this function.

The first thing you need to do is open the “Text” menu. You will find this button under the “Window” tab. Use the shortcut key “Control-O” to open the Text mode. Now try to enter your number formatting. You should get a preview of the format that you can then edit.

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Replace or Add Characters with Excel s REPLACE Function from excel text function format , source:lifewire.com

The second thing to do is open the “Text” menu again. You will find the button under the “Format Cells” tab. Use the shortcut key “Ctrl-F” to open the Text format. In this option, you can modify the number formatting, adding and deleting objects, changing the font, and using the fill and style features.

Now, the third thing to do is open the”Text” menu and use the shortcut key “Ctrl-V” to open the VBA text format. The Visual Basic for Applications text formatting option has various features, such as the white space, automatic reformatting, insertion of format codes and fill-ins, single character formatting, multiple character formatting, and automatic formatting using the font selected. These features allow you to change the number of formatting of the spreadsheet easily.

Excel Magic Trick 750 7 Days Past Due Conditional Formatting from excel text function format , source:youtube.com

After you have read this article, you should be able to understand the text function in more detail. When you want to format a number, you should activate the text function, check the number format, and tweak the formatting to suit your needs.