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Some sales targets in your Excel sheet may be more important than others. You need to decide which is the most important sales target for your business. Then make a copy of it in a template that will help you do that.

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While reviewing sales targets, be sure you look for items that are hard to reach. After all, a high demand target can bring in more customers while a low demand target may not have enough customers to see any profit. Or if there are no customers, that means there will be no return customers. These factors mean that a high demand target will be the one that brings in the most money for your business.

For example, if you want to increase the number of your clients, your new customer list needs to be a high demand. It is always best to use an Excel sales target template to draw up the list of new customers. After all, you will need to evaluate how many new customers you will bring in, along with how much they will spend. If the sales target is set to high, you should be able to see some profits from that number of new customers.

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If the sales target is low, then the sales targets should be lower, such as from when new customers come in on a very low budget. Of course, this may be the case. You should always have a good reason for making such a sales target high or low.

There are often other reasons to set a high or low target. Maybe you know that certain products are under-sold and this means you get less business overall. Or maybe you are putting together a training plan and want to make sure you do not over-sell. Setting your sales targets accordingly is often the best way to go.

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Even if you know what the sales target should be, you may still need to adjust the target a bit. With your template, you can easily adjust the target to include more or fewer customers. When you are designing the sales sheet, you can set the lowest and highest price customers will pay. Then adjust the numbers from there.

The sales target should never be set based on a simple amount. Make sure that the numbers used are numbers from your customers’ spending habits. If the customers are spending the same amount each month, they will stay the same. This will result in the same profit level every month.

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If the sales target is set based on a percentage or profit margin, you will quickly see that your profits will drop off. In other words, you will get more profits for less than the original target of income. Try to avoid setting your sales targets based on profit margins. If you do so, your business is sure to have problems.