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This article shows how to create an Excel pay stub template. The use of these templates can aid in getting quick analysis of the earnings by an employee. These templates may be obtained in several ways.

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The first way is to look for template suppliers on the internet. These suppliers offer a variety of templates including Paystub, PVT, and I-9. The templates differ in terms of length, and format. There are also templates available in a ready to use format.

Templates are usually set up to accommodate the specific type of document that they will be used for. The guidelines and standards that the templates follow are quite detailed and should be followed strictly. Before making any changes to the template, make sure you have understood the instructions for doing so.

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The Paystub template was created to help employers determine the income that an employee brings in regularly. If the template is correctly configured, this information can be transferred to your computer, so you can use it for purposes other than calculating tax withholding. Instead, you can use the information in the pay stub to quickly verify the history of an employee.

An example of the basic information contained in the template is the name of the person, age, sex, pay date, pay the amount, and the tax year in which the information is calculated. You can also add notes or comments, and the period over which the information was obtained.

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A tabular format enables you to put all of the basic and formula fields in a table. You can add columns of details that are related to the income source, and income or wage information. The formula fields can include the name of the person, his/her salary, and his/her pay period. Afterward, you can add columns of the paid wages in different formats, including the average wage, the weekly, or monthly wage, the pay period, and the earnings over the years.

It is easy to adjust the details of the Paystub template in Excel. You can change the year, make the calculations smaller, or make the earnings figure larger. You can also change the size of the column and cell size, and decide how many columns you want.

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A template can be useful for your reference. You can copy the contents of the template and paste them into the appropriate cells of Excel, and you can print out the complete format of the Paystub template. When you print the template, you can use the paper size that best suits your needs.