Excel asset Tracking Template

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Today we will be talking about using an Excel Asset Tracking Template. If you are like me, you want to know what you should look for in a template, so let’s get started.

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First, think about how many different people can use the template. If you have several people that need a copy of the template, you will be able to provide them with more than one version of the template, with each version having a different name and organization. I strongly recommend getting more than one asset tracking template for each user, because the next step is making sure each user has the same version of the template and has all the same fields.

Next, if you have several users that use the template regularly, make sure you get a template that is easy to customize. One template may be fully customizable but it may not have a customization ability in the user interface.

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Second, make sure the template can track multiple records. Most Excel Asset Tracking Templates is offered with a single record tracking functionality, so that’s a good thing.

Last, if you need an even better template, go to a good place that offers a trial version of the template. You can then test out the template, which is a great way to find problems before buying the template.

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Templates are easily custom made. This is what makes them so attractive to those who want to track many different records. A good template will also have a drag and drop function that makes creating a new record quick and easy.

Templates do cost money. A standard template might cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but several templates are priced in the hundreds of dollars. Some templates cost more than $100, but they come with more advanced features, such as setting up advanced fields to capture more information.

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The best asset tracking template that I have seen so far is the Excel Assets Tracking Template. It was created by Leo Ransome, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and teaches you how to create custom tracking scripts for various software applications. He also offers a full website that gives you detailed instructions on how to set up custom tracking scripts, so you don’t have to be a system engineer to set up your custom tracking scripts.