Excel Pivot Table Date format

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You may be reading this and thinking to yourself that you do not know what Excel Pivot Table is. This article will give you a good overview of what a Pivot Table is and how it can help you. The following information will also show you how to add dates in Excel Pivot Table.

doc filter top 10 pivottable 1
How to filter top 10 items in pivot table from excel pivot table date format , source:extendoffice.com

So what is a Pivot Table in the first place? This is a special type of table that allows you to look at multiple rows at once. Instead of only being able to look at the first or last column, you can look at each of the other columns.

So, what is the purpose of a Pivot Table? The primary reason for using a Pivot Table is to have multiple data from multiple tables and reports, which allow you to get a much more accurate picture of your company’s current situation. Also, it allows you to go back and look at those same records to see where they have been heading.

Finally Create a Pivot Table with the new Data Set
How to Re arrange Data for a Pivot Table Goodly from excel pivot table date format , source:goodly.co.in

Now that you have an overview of how a Pivot Table works, it is time to take a look at how to add dates in Excel Pivot Table. You can add dates by simply clicking on the + button to the right of the cell you want to add the date. Just make sure that you click the + button on a cell you know exactly where the data will be going.

Click the + button. After the cell is selected, then you will want to add a new row and select the row you just added. This will automatically set the date.

In the PivotTable Fields pane please drag Items and drop to the Rows section and drag Jan Feb and Mar and drop to the Values section See screenshot
How to sort by sum in Pivot Table in Excel from excel pivot table date format , source:extendoffice.com

When you do this, the date will be added to the first column and the row number will automatically change to show that you are currently looking at that specific row. Once the date is set, you will be able to use the copy and paste functions to move it wherever you would like. It is recommended that you use the first function as it is not limited to just one column.

When you are looking at how to add dates in Excel Pivot Table, it is recommended that you keep a sheet where you will be adding dates into Pivot Tables. This is because it is easy to accidentally edit data if you are working on another sheet. It is very easy to accidentally delete data if you are not careful.

Dynamic Date Range Filters in Pivot Table Excel Pivot Tables from excel pivot table date format , source:pivot-table.com

Remember that Excel Pivot Table is very powerful. It allows you to look at many different data from many different places and make comparisons between the different fields.