Conditional formatting Excel

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You can learn a lot from learning about conditional formatting in Excel. This is an easy technique to learn and uses the data stored in the cell as the source for the style of the selected cells. By combining this with the formulas you will be able to create some great styles in Excel.

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I think the first thing to learn is how to use conditional formatting. To do this you need to know a little bit about Excel. I think that to start this off you need to open Excel and load it up. If you do not already have it, you should download a copy of Excel so that you have a program that is easily available to you.

With your data, you want to go to the sheet where you will be using the formulas and in the cell where you will be entering the formulas. Before you do this you should make sure that you check it out with a formula. It is important that you have the formula ready and in order before you do anything else.

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After you are in the formula, you need to type a colon followed by the number of the cell that you want to apply the styles on. In my example, I am going to enter the term COND2 followed by the number of the column that I want the styles to apply to. The COND2 is a great way to indicate the selection, just like you would type the CD. If you did not select any of the cells then you would need to put a space between the two terms.

When you put the colon, you are telling Excel that you want to change the value of the number COND2 in the column. This means that the values should be different for the COND rows. If you want the values to be the same then just leave the parentheses out of the formula. However, if you want them to be different, then you have to enter the conditional statements in the conditional formatting formula.

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To get started, you have to go back to the sheet and use the formula for the variable. On the next page, you will paste in your values for COND. This is used in the conditional formatting formulas. You will repeat this process for all of the other numbers in the column and you will notice that your column of COND has been bolded.

The final step in the conditional formatting is to insert the formula for the conditional formatting. I recommend that you use one or more spaces after the formula. This will help you when you are entering your conditional formatting formulas. You can also use an asterisk instead of a space to ensure that you are entering the right number of spaces.

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The conditional formatting will cause the bold text on the COND rows to become the background color. This is a simple method that will allow you to use conditional formatting. The next time you need to make a change to the formatting of a column in Excel, just try out the Conditional Formatting option. This is a great way to do your formatting in Excel without having to learn complicated formulas.