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Any project manager will tell you that he or she must have an efficient tracking system to help track projects. Without a system in place to track a project, it can become a very hard task to keep up with the daily activity of a project and each day is filled with different details that must be tracked so that progress can be tracked.

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Project Tracking without a system in place will cause a project to get lost in the shuffle and this can lead to many problems for any project manager. For example, if one or more of the projects do not have their work done within the time frame required by the manager, it can mean that the project is not completed and no one is satisfied with the project. This can cause a team to lose motivation and productivity can be affected negatively.

This problem is because projects cannot be completed, this is because it would require a person to use a laser-like focus to ensure that all of the data, which is needed for an employee to be able to complete the project, is documented correctly. It is also important that all projects are under the supervision of someone familiar with the project, whether that is the project manager or another department within the company.

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An Excel-based project tracking template will allow the project manager to track his or her project efficiently. A project tracker can be set up to do an analysis of a specific process and then determine if that process needs to be updated if it is broken down into multiple tasks or all of the tasks need to be done at once.

The Excel-based project tracker template can be set up to work utilizing the use of macros. Once the spreadsheet has been created, the macro language used to write code can be added to the end of the worksheet to enable the task to be completed without the use of the mouse or keyboard.

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Another way in which a macro-based solution can be used to track tasks is when a video or an image is being uploaded. All the tasks that are necessary to be completed can be added to the workbook as soon as the image or video is being uploaded, without needing to click or drag the image onto the workbook itself.

One of the most important things to remember is that certain conditions have to be met. If the macro-based solution is not configured properly, then it can cause a lot of delays and a lot of work can be wasted because the wrong task was assigned to the right person.

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Finding high-quality solutions to help track projects can be made possible by using the online resources available to those in need of tracking solutions. Many of these online resources will be able to provide templates for tracking work, which is often difficult to do without the use of templates.