Excel Binary format

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To fully understand how to convert Excel to Binary format, it is important to first understand how binary works. A number is comprised of several digits. To create a binary number, two distinct methods are commonly used by most software. The first method is the one usually preferred by people who are not programmers, and the second method is the one more often used by programmers.

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Binary software is used in a lot of places around the world, especially in situations where the software is very important such as when it’s run in the space shuttle or even in hospital wards. It is also used to describe a series of numbers that can be compared to another series of numbers. Numbers can be numbered based on the appearance of each number, or you can make use of the alphabet to distinguish different sets of numbers.

A good example of how binary is used would be the line below a particular number in a spreadsheet, like in this example:

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Excel has a part which is known as the ‘Bold Print’ area, which contains the code for various areas of the spreadsheet. It is the same in the Microsoft Office system and other similar products like Excel. In the above example, we are looking at the Bold Print area which, if it exists, can be found near the top left-hand corner of the spreadsheet.

By typing the Bold Print code into a program, we can then see a list of different numbers from which we can decide which number we would like to use for our binary data conversion. This list includes the following numbers:

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There are two methods of working with Excel that have been designed to make the binary format easier to handle. These methods are known as ‘table-formatted-format’.

The first method is used with tab-format’ which is the most common and it is also used with most Microsoft Office products. You type a series of numbers in the area above the bold print and then follow the tab-format’ instructions to see a table of numbers. These numbers are stored as ranges that represent the entire range of a number.

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The second method is known as ‘tab-format’ and is used in Excel. The basic procedure is the same as the other method, however instead of using tab-format’ for each tab, you only need to use tab-format’ when a tab contains a number. This means that if you only need to convert a single number to a binary form, this is the method you should use.